Family care program.


Given the various consequences of the task of caring for a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other dementia, different resources have been put into operation aimed at the family nucleus and the main caregiver.

One of these resources is psychotherapeutic intervention such as individual psychological care, which is a structured program, made up of different sessions prepared by the professional. It involves such topics as the emotional reactions of the main caregiver; resolution of family conflicts; personal skills related to care; resolution of problems associated with care situations; management of patient behavioural problems; information related to existing services and aids and care management strategies.

The objective is to offer psychological resources to the family and/or primary caregivers through sessions lasting one hour and with a frequency of one per week or every two weeks, to prevent or reduce the burden on the caregiver.


The Mutual Help Group is made up of people who share the same problems and who are in the same situation, in this case by caregivers of people affected by dementia.

Support is provided to the group and experiences are shared; coping strategies are exchanged, and appropriate solutions are sought in the different situations exposed. It is a form of social support that makes them relate to each other as equals, the main objective being emotional support.

It is directed by the professional, where both expert knowledge and experience are combined, and it has a limitation in time and in the number of its components.

The main objective is to bring together family members and/or main caregivers, in two-hour sessions, held once every three weeks, to expose their situation and be able to learn through experiences and obtain psychological and emotional support.

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