AFAC commemorates World Alzheimer’s Day

On 21 September we commemorate Alzheimer’s Day all over the world and in AFAC we are carrying out various activities to give visibility to the disease.

As the main event, on 21 September, the commemorative banner was hung and the institutional manifesto was read from the balcony of Catarroja Town Hall.

Poster of the main event held on 21 September 2021

The reading of the manifesto was attended by local authorities, many volunteers and members of the association.

 Reading of the manifesto

Moreover, we have been carrying out various activities throughout the week such as the Solidary Great Raffle; the awareness campaigns ‘Zero Omissions, Zero Alzheimer’s’ and ‘Hands for Alzheimer’; the visit to the exhibition by the Moors and Christians Festival and the creation of a tree of memories. All of them have been a resounding success.

Tree of memories’ activity
Creation of the tree of memories

However, we have not yet finished with the events since today we have had to postpone the awareness campaign with information boards around  the streets of the town. Finally, this activity will take place next Tuesday 28th September, Sant Miquel’s eve, and will have the help of the IES Berenguer Dalmau of Catarroja. The table will be placed in front of the main door of the high school itself.

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